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Tiding Men’s Designer Leather Bag Portfolio Satchel Messenger Bag 1120 Review

You don’t really want to attend that all important meeting without this bag by your side. The seamless vintage all leather look adds to your professional appeal. You can always depend on the Tiding brand for super high quality timeless and fashionable original leather bags for all occasions.  Tiding brand of quality announces you as a fashionista and hallmark of excellence all rolled into one.  So if durability, class, panache and trendy outlook are your thing then the brand to look up to as a man is Tiding Men’s designer bags.

Tiding Men’s Designer Leather Bag Portfolio Satchel Messenger Bag 1120

This is a fulcrum product from Tiding with all the quality and elegance the brand is known for. It is class personified and elegance elevated. You won’t need an introduction as this original horse leather bag will announce you as a man of style and class. It is specially crafted to meet your most important bagging needs, especially with regards to your personal and hand held devices and other electronics.



Prominent features:

  • Product Type: Satchel messenger bag
  • Materials: Its durable and luxurious leather has a purpose designed distressed vintage look
  • Outlook: The antiqued hardware and metal zippers are durable and attractive
  • Capacity: It can conveniently hold an iPad and A4 sized magazines
  • Size: 24cm by 34cm by 9cm
  • Compartments: There is a sizable main pocket in addition to one zipper pouch, one wallet pouch and one cell phone pocket.





The truth is that most buyers of this bag have nothing but love for it. Some of the most common words used to describe it include, trendy, hot, durable, comfortable, classy etc. One satisfied customer even referred to it as the ultimate gentleman handbag. The crazy horse leather composition of the bag and its sleek all leather look adds so much to its appeal.  The Tiding stamp of excellence can be clearly seen and its pricing is very competitive. It has been helpful to students, business men, professionals and all men of fashion and panache.


Any problems?

None whatsoever! Nobody has raised any issues about the bag once they bought it.


Concluding remarks

Ultimately, the Tiding Men’s Satchel Messenger Bag 1120 features a sleek, durable and affable design, not neglecting to mention the trendy aesthetic appeal of the bag. The leather workmanship is good imbibing some of the best leather working techniques and designs. Finishing and finesse is superb showcased for the gentleman of elegance. Cost is very affordable making it a competitive product for all classes of men. So when next you need a sleek, durable, timeless and trendy satchel bag, you know what to do! Click here to get it over at Amazon.com.