Sellse Men’s Genuine Leather Briefcase Review

The Sellse Men’s Genuine Leather Briefcase is made in Brazil using soft supple black leather and is designed to be the quintessential tool for the consummate professional. It has durable leather construction with gold hardware and provides the user with ample storage space to carry all the business essentials that they might need.

It has a front flap pocket, secured by two magnetic snaps which is perfect for carrying your loose papers. There is a front zipper pocket beneath the flap pocket, big enough to hold a calculator or a small tablet. The bag is divided into three main compartments, each secured with a top zipper. The first section features a wall zipper pocket that can hold a tablet or a calculator and a large storage space big enough to hold files and folders.

The second section is a padded laptop compartment. The third section also features a zippered wall pocket for your diary, calculator, or a small notebook, 2 slip pockets for your wallet and cell phone and 4 pen slots. It has a large space that you can use to carry notebooks, textbooks, files, folders or anything else you might need. There is also a large zippered pocket on the back of the bag which can hold loose papers, files, folders or whatever else you need to carry with you.

The Sellse Men’s Genuine Leather Briefcase is carried in the hand by two leather handles, held together with a leather handle clasp and secured with magnetic snaps. It has a detachable leather shoulder strap, which can be adjusted for your comfort.

The Sellse Men’s Genuine Leather Briefcase provides you with lots of storage space to carry files, folders, a laptop, books or whatever you need to carry with you. Made of durable leather, it adds a touch of professionalism that is sure to compliment your business attire. It is perfect for meetings or for taking work home with you. Its small zipper and slot pockets are perfect for holding all your personal effects so that you will never need to carry another bag with you. This briefcase will soon become your “go to” bag for work and meetings. Its timeless sophisticated design coupled with its functionality and durability will make it as essential to you as your cell phone or wallet.

A great accessory for the serious business professional.

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