Polare Men’s Business Briefcase Oil Genuine Leather Messenger Bag Backpack Review

The Polare Men’s Business Briefcase is a stunning example of superb leather craftsmanship. It is a stylishly designed leather briefcase and backpack well positioned for gentlemen of fashion. Its deep ergonomic design and functional features are a sight to behold. Radiant and sleek, this product is a flagship ensemble in the briefcase department. It is well worth the buy. It is an extremely versatile design in that it can be used purely as a backpack for hiking, or as a standard briefcase. The leather is held together by heavy duty synthetic thread that ensures the stability of the product and enhances its longevity. The primary material used is genuine cowhide leather. There are shoulder straps for ease of carrying as well as a top handle.



Prominent features:

  • Category: Leather briefcase and backpack hybrid ideal for hitchhiking, travel, leisure and business. Its versatility makes it a bag for any and all occasions.
  • Material: Primary material is from genuine cowhide leather while the thread is made form heavy duty synthetic thread.
  • Design: This is a truly multipurpose bag with all the accessories of a hybrid product. It can be used both as a backpack and a briefcase due to its peculiar design allowing the product to be carried by either the twin shoulder backpack straps or just the leather handle. There are two front pouches that can conveniently hold cell phones and small accessories and then the main compartment that can hold a 14 inch laptop. Overall, the product design features good cow leather honed to a beautiful finish.
  • Color: Available in Chocolate and Dark Coffee.
  • Dimensions: 15 by 6 by 10.5 inches
  • Carrying options: There is the main top handle complemented by the twin shoulder backpack straps making it possible for the product to be used as a backpack or a briefcase.





As one of the best leather hybrid briefcase and backpack products available, all comments and assessments have been favorable so far. One customer described the product as the best bag he has ever used. Another said it had the best leather craftsmanship he had ever seen. Apart from the visual appeal the bag truly radiates class. The sturdy build and contemporary outlook confers a timeless appeal to the briefcase/backpack hybrid. More like a cross appeal between the antique and the contemporary.


Reported problems?

No reported problems so far.


Concluding remarks

The truth is that the Polare Men’s Business Briefcase has few rivals if any. It truly adapts to any occasion. Whether you want a backpack or a briefcase or a laptop bag, this product fills the gap and more importantly, it is designed to last. It is also an excellent gift item to either students or businessmen or construction workers. It is the flagship bag for all occasions.

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