McKlein USA Walton R Series Leather Briefcase 17″ Laptop Case Review

McKlein is a USA based leather goods manufacturing company and has been producing quality products for a long time. The products of this company are long lasting and are of high quality. In this product review, we will take a look on one of the finest products produced by the company – the McKlein USA Walton R series Leather Briefcase 17″ Laptop Case.

This laptop case is made of pure oil-tanned leather and has a wonderful design. The front section of this laptop case has special pockets for your media devices like business cards, writing utensils, smart phones etc. Other than that, the front section also has a separate file divider where you can put your office files and documents.

As far as back section is concerned, it has a soft pad for protecting your laptop. And this soft pad can protect your laptop up to 17” inches. The high-quality line that is up-to-date, yet splendid, functional, yet smart. The idea called for an instinctive organizational design that was smartly concealed in a flexible, stylish case. To demonstrate carrying the whole world on your shoulders doesn’t have to halt your back and the belts are comfort contoured. This briefcase is the harmonization of astuteness and style.


  • The price of this laptop case is very reasonable.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • Has plenty of space for your daily use accessories.
  • It provides supreme level safety to your laptop.
  • Zippers and connectors are made of pure are steel and work very smoothly.
  • It has couple of compartments like laptop compartment, files compartment, accessories compartment etc.


  • People have problems with the shoulder strap of this laptop case.
  • Be cautious before buying it as some people complained about it being too bulky.

This laptop case is great for those who also carry lots of accessories with them as it has lots of pockets inside it. If you are looking for something durable and safe for your laptop and also want to put some other media devices, the McKlein USA Walton R Series Leather Briefcase 17″ Laptop Case is great for you.

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