Bugatti Go West Leather Medium Briefcase Review

Founded in 1940, Bugatti is a leading leather goods manufacturing company. The design of Bugatti products is unique and classic. That same uniqueness has caught on plenty attention in the business space for those who use briefcases for daily office use. Bugatti briefcases cover everything with which you travel, such as your files, books, laptops etc.

In this product review, we will take a look at the Bugatti Go West Leather Medium Briefcase. Made with pure buffalo leather, this briefcase has stylish looks and is made from quality manufacturing material.


  1. It has lengthy pull zip.
  2. Fold over closing with double frontal slip lock function.
  3. Two supportive briefcases with intimate zippered pouches and stretch arranger.
  4. The leather handle of Bugatti Go West Leather Medium Briefcase is very smooth and made of pure buffalo leather.
  5. The briefcase also has dual removable shoulder straps.
  6. The briefcase is very lightweight – almost 2.5 pounds in weight.
  7. Easily available in different styles.


  1. The price of the Bugatti Go West Leather Medium Briefcase is very high and it is very difficult for normal people to buy it.

Other than higher price, the Bugatti Go West Leather Medium Briefcase has no defect in it. It’s very much a luxury briefcase, but it provides great value for money, looking quite stylish while doing so. This briefcase is a long term investment that should last you for a good while.

The Bugatti Go West Leather Medium Briefcase is highly recommended for those who carry a lot of office goods like files, laptops with them. You can easily put all of your office valuables in it and still, it will have plenty of space in it.

If you have the extra cash lying around, then you’ll have no regrets choosing this briefcase.

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