Banuce Women’s Full Grains Leather Briefcase Messenger Satchel Bag Review

Made of pure Italian vegetable leather, the Banuce Women’s Full Grains Leather Briefcase Messenger Satchel is one of the best briefcases for women available on the market right now. The briefcase comes with the default detachable and adjustable shoulder strap which makes it more valuable for women. You can hold it in hand and if necessary can easily be worn on the shoulder.

The zipper of this briefcase is very durable. Moreover, you can easily put water bottles of size 1 liter in it. The actual weight of this briefcase is very light, it is the weight of the laptop which makes it look heavy.



  • Spacious, beautiful and well-constructed.
  • The briefcase is made of pure leather and its interior is made of polyester.
  • Uniform details and the stitching of the handles is very safe and sturdy.
  • There is enough space inside it that you can easily put your 11” MacBook inside it.
  • Besides that MacBook space, there is more space for your folders and books.
  • Other than that, there are 4 more pockets inside for putting loose things like mobile phones, pencils etc.
  • There are two more zipped pockets on the other side for putting passports and such things.
  • The artistry with which this briefcase is designed is just sublime.
  • The size is not too big and not too small – it is just perfect.
  • The combination of decent color and quality material makes it one to watch for.
  • One main thing that makes it distinct is that even when you stuffed completely it will not get stretched and will maintain its original slim shape.
  • Practical and modern.
  • Functional and stylish.


  • Many people have a scratching issue with it.
  • Suitable for tablets, laptops but too small for a standard laptop of size 15.6”.

This is a great buy for female workers who carry a lot of files and other luggage with them. Some people may have some scratching issue with it but overall, I highly recommend it.

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