AmeriLeather PilotCatalog Case Review

Started in 1999, AmeriLeather has been making quality leather products for the last couple of years. Every product made by this company is as classy as it can be. Till now, the company has manufactured lots of quality products and in this product review, we will discuss one of those products.

Made of pure high-quality leather, the AmeriLeather PilotCatalog Case is a classic example of durable products made by AmeriLeather. Any routine traveler who is looking for something useful to carry the accessories, this briefcase is a great choice for that.

The AmeriLeather PilotCatalog Case has a metal clip closure and mishmash lock to keep your baggage safe and secure. This bag comes with a detachable crept nylon sleeve and has a two-slot file separator to hold and shield all your files and essential documents. It also comprises three pen loops and a pocket to keep business cards. With or without the noncompulsory 2 years warranty, this briefcase is a great choice for every shrewd traveler.


  • Has a very attractive design.
  • Made of pure leather.
  • It has enough space that you can keep your books, files, documents in it.
  • Not so bulky not so narrow – ideal size for any traveler.
  • The price is very affordable.

No drawbacks? Yes, I believe there is no noticeable drawback of AmeriLeather PilotCatalog Case. The price at which this bag is available is a pure bargain. It’s hard to find such another quality product for such price. Any traveler who is looking for something useful and long-lasting for his travels, the AmeriLeather PilotCatalog Case is a good buy.

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